Top 10 Best Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers 2022

Nowadays lithium-ion batteries have transfigured the electronics market. You may observe the applications of different types of lithium-ion batteries in vast areas such as solar, ups, electronic, mobile phones, medical equipment, and EV markets. Compared with nickel-cadmium and lead-acid batteries, the li-ion battery has a higher energy density and is less hazardous.

Moreover, these batteries play an excellent role in energy storage. For instance, you may make your battery store energy from the solar system, wind, and some other natural resources. Ultimately, we make use of this stored energy for running home appliances as well as industrial machinery.

Currently, the Rusian-Ukrainian war has cut the global supply of many rare-earth metals. Both the countries are rich in minerals, especially the ones used in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, for compensating for the loss that may happen, this guide on the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers in the world and China would be helpful for you. Further, this information will surely help you in choosing the best for you.

Let’s dive into the article!

Top 10 Largest Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in the World

No doubt, lithium-ion battery manufacturers have immensely benefited mankind. There are numerous lithium-ion battery companies worldwide, in this article we have sorted out the top 10 Chinese lithium-ion battery manufacturers which are as follows;

Top 1: CATL (China)

CATL ( Contemporary Amperex Technology) was founded in 2011 in China. It is the world’s biggest lithium battery manufacturer for EVs.

CATL is an international automobile company. It focuses on energy storage systems R and D, vehicle power battery systems, battery recycling, cell, production, and sales. The main target of CATL is to produce long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. However, CATL earned its name by manufacturing pretty cheap and reliable batteries.


Top 2. LG Chem (South Korea)

LG Chem is the number one Korean lithium-ion battery manufacturer that produces the best lithium-ion batteries. Many of you might have LG appliances in your homes as they commonly manufacture TVs, computers, smartphones, audiovisual equipment, etc. Additionally, LG chem produces excellent batteries for electronics, home appliances, motorbikes, etc.

Moreover, it offers fantastic energy solutions to the petrochemical and aviation industries. This company is spreading its roots worldwide. The list of its customers includes Daimler, Volkswagen, Hyundai Kia, and GM.

LG Chem

Top 3: Panasonic Corporation (Japan)

Panasonic is a well-renowned multinational company in Japan. Almost, there are more than 230 Panasonic companies throughout the world. Typically, Panasonic is one of the best suppliers of batteries to Tesla. Its power cells are highly efficient as they contain less than 5% cobalt.

Tesla highly prefers Panasonic as its lithium-ion battery uses NCA as a positive electrode. In addition, the complex battery management system ensures the safety and efficiency of the battery.

Generally, Panasonic manufactures high-quality home appliances, electronics, office products, digital audio, video electronics, etc. Moreover, Panasonic batteries are pretty durable.

Panasonic Corporation

Top 4. BYD Company (China)

BYD is famous for manufacturing rechargeable batteries. It produces lithium-ion batteries for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and energy storage systems. Mainly, they manufacture two types of lithium batteries. One is a lithium iron phosphate battery and the other is NCM lithium-ion battery. However, the lithium iron phosphate battery was its best product.

The plus point of BYD batteries is that they last pretty long. Furthermore, this company is also well known for making electric cars.

BYD Company

Top 5. Samsung SDI (South Korea)

You all know that Samsung has a large footprint on sleek smartphones. Besides, they are also manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for millions of smartphones.

It not only makes lithium batteries for smartphones but also for many electric vehicles. For instance, BMW car companies use the batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI on their EV models.

The positive electrode is usually formed of NCM and NCA materials. Further, the packaging form of the battery is prismatic. Mostly, the shell of the prismatic cell constitutes stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and other materials.

Samsung SDI

Top 6. SK Innovation (South Korea)

SK innovation is the no. 1 refining company in the Asia Pacific. It is primarily known for its development and growth in the petroleum industry. It constitutes the six subsidies for the production of different products.

Their lithium-Ion battery is well-known throughout the world for its extraordinary wet separators to maintain its stability. It falls under SK On subsidy of the SK innovation.

They are providing it to many motor groups like Hyundai for EV, PHEV, and HEV vehicles. Moreover, it’s widely used for UPS, Renewable energy grids, etc.

SK Innovation

Top 7. Tesla (US)

Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of American engineers. The company aimed to prove that electric cars are much better in performance than fuel cars.

Other than electric vehicles, Tesla is also famous for the remarkable lithium-ion batteries that they produce for their vehicles. In addition, it involves the manufacturing of solar products and other household items. Tesla is using Nickel Cobalt Aluminum chemistry for making the power cells.

Tesla Lithium-ion Battery

Top 8. Clarios (Germany)

Clarios is mainly a subsidiary of the Brookfield business. It is well-known for its advancement in the power industry and energy storage solutions. They are serving the world with the most advanced batteries for all types of vehicles.

Their Lithium-ion battery is among their advanced productions. It is perfectly designed to deal with high electrical loads and usage.

It’s best among all for its longer span, low fuel usage, and advanced changes. Along with vehicles, it’s perfect to meet regulatory requirements as low voltage batteries.


Top 9. Toshiba Corporation (Japan)

Toshiba Corporation is one of the oldest lithium battery manufacturers. Toshiba has made great contributions in its R and D department for lithium batteries. The company manufactures rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells that offer a long life span and rapid charging.

Their lithium batteries are widely applicable for industrial and vehicle use. Normally, automobiles, elevators, buses, power plants, UPS, and railroad cars use Toshiba batteries.

Toshiba Corporation

Top 10. Etekware Battery (China)

Etekware is one of the top lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China. The company deals with sustainable energy generation and storage business.

However, Etekware specifically produces a wide range of lithium iron phosphate batteries. They offer the batteries as per the customer’s requirements. You may get a battery having your choice voltage, capacity, look, and size.

Furthermore, Etekware batteries are highly applicable for RV, marine, EV, home power storage, golf-cart, solar, and UPS systems. Luckily, the high-quality batteries and excellent OEM services of Etekware are enough for satisfying different manufacturers.

Top 10 Biggest Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in China

Top Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers

Top 1. CATL

One of the Chinese lithium-ion battery manufacturers and technology companies is CATL. Being its high storage systems and long-lasting battery functionalities, CATL is a leading electric vehicle (EV) company in china.

Due to the high demand and supply in the EV automakers industry, it helps its customers and operates more than 20 production facilities in China.

CATL China Lithium Battery Company

Top 2. BYD Company

A highly devoted high-tech lithium battery manufacturers company that is serving its customers for over 20 years is BYD. From automobiles and electronics to rail transits, they have worked in every tech field. It was founded in 1995 and is now looking forward to producing new auto technology designs for all vehicle models.

Being listed on Hong Kong and other stock exchanges, BYD has a market capitalization of more than 100 RMB. Today, it stands as a new global invention to produce new product designs, technologies, and industry incubations.

BYD China Lithium Battery Company

Top 3. Etekware Battery

With excellent performance and a long lifespan, Etekware is known as the world’s best Lithium-ion battery factory in 2022. Being an integrated product of R&D, it aims at providing sustainable and alternative energy solutions for its clients.

Etekware takes you to a new world of innovation with 168 experienced employees and 8 automatic production lines in the store. The batteries of this Chinese company are ideal for portable power stations, solar systems, Golf carts, RVs, cars, electric scooters, and UPS systems as well.

Hence, with its wall-mounted design and environment-friendly nature, it is a leading lithium battery supplier in China with a bright future in Eco-energy empowerment.

Etekware Top China Lithium Battery Manufacturer


With an innovative design and increasing global demand, Gotion is a top Chinese lithium-ion battery supplier when it comes to electrification. The best thing about this company is it offers a wide range of products in one place.

Whether you’re looking for an electrolyte solution or a large power generation, Gotion will fulfill your demands by providing all kinds of new energy power cell products. The increasing supply and demand of this company prove that it supplies approximately 200 GWh of Lithium phosphate battery cells to a U.S trading company.


Top 5. ATL

Another leading China-based lithium-ion manufacturer is ATL. Amperex Technology Limited also known as ATL is the world’s largest producer of rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs. With advanced technologies and dedicated solutions, it provides high-quality services to its clients and reduces their battery needs.

ATL has its headquarters in the People’s Republic of China and thus produces various smart technology products. With a strong mission to improve the connectivity of the world, ATL has worked with the world’s popular smartphone, tablets, and power tool brands.

Yet, this company has the best feature of fast production and on-time delivery. On average, it can manufacture as many as 10 million batteries on demand.

ATL China Lithium Battery Company

Top 6. Wanxiang A123

If you’re looking for starter batteries or low voltage batteries, then Wanxiang A123 is the perfect option. Due to its highly advanced chemistry and superior design, A123 is the leading lithium-ion battery company in China nowadays.

This company produces everything starting from commercial buses to electric vehicles on the demand of its clients. It is specifically manufactured to meet your high energy needs and thus provides customizable and ready-to-install systems. The expert workers of Wanxiang A123 manufacture fully-integrated batteries, automotive modulus, and rapid expanding cells to fulfil their client’s requirements.

Wanxiang A123


More than 20 Billion Wh of energy is being produced by Lishen annually. This is a huge amount of energy production as compared to other companies. Among the top 3 lithium-ion battery suppliers, Lishen is also included as an ultracapacitor green power in China.

The main products and applications produced by this company include power batteries, consumer electronic batteries, and ultracapacitors.


Top 8. EVE

Being a large manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, EVE company provides technical facilities and solves your technical issues in no time. It is the most creative lithium-ion battery in China and contains over 70 industry standards formulations.

From consumer batteries to energy power systems, this company has all types of products in its store. Its technicians manufacture every type of power cell, primary consumer batteries, Lithium-ion batteries, cylindrical cells, modules, and prismatic LFP cells.


Top 9. AVIC Lithium Battery

AVIC lithium-ion battery suppliers work in aviation science and technology to produce highly efficient lithium-ion batteries for their customers. It was founded in 2008 through the consolidation of the China Aviation Industry Corporation. It is still providing services in different fields.

Being a leading commercial transportation company, AVIC has produced various components for aircraft manufacturers worldwide. This high-tech industry manufactures PCBs, Lithium-ion batteries, LCDs, automobiles, and other intelligent devices.

Moreover, it has completed business and local projects related to airport construction, highway construction, bridgework, etc. With this global competitiveness and high-quality services in the aviation field, AVIC is growing more effectively with every passing day.

AVIC Lithium Battery

Top 10. REPT

Located in Wenzhou, China, REPT is one of the companies invested by Tsingshan Industry (one of the Fortune Global 500 companies) in the sector of new energy production and sales by combining its own rich mineral resources. With a 6 Gwh annual production, it has enough energy storing capacity to manufacture standard-size lithium-ion batteries.

This company has a market share of more than 20%. Also, it ranked 12th among the power battery shipments in China. Not only this, but it also promotes the new developmental strategy of energy production. Therefore, it collaborates with industrial chains to manufacture top-notch products.


Final Words

Finally, you’re aware of the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers both worldwide and in China. The information provided about the companies will help you in choosing the suitable manufacturer for buying the lithium battery for yourself.

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