Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light Solution

In recent years, solar street light has become one part of the use of solar energy, a new alternative to traditional forms of light sources, because of its environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and other characteristics of unparalleled quality, one came to by the general public of all ages. Applied to roads, gardens, parks, schools, and field plateau regions without external power supply lighting and decoration. Change the traditional mode of saving energy, promote green lighting, highlighting the concept of sustainable development for the benefit of the world of mankind.

solar street light System

Solar Street light consists of solar panels, battery (lithium battery/GEL battery), controller, LED lamp and lamp base, bracket, lamp pole, floor cages, etc. Not only is it easy for transportation but also easy for installation. In the day time, the solar panels will absorb sunlight storing into battery. As the day darkens gradually, the light will be controlled by a motion sensor and start to work automatically.

The biggest difference between solar powered led street lights and traditional street lights is that solar powered led street lights rely on solar energy to supply electricity. As environmentally friendly and renewable energy, solar energy is widely used in many industries.

Solar/Wind-driven Street Light Is One Of The Major Application Areas Of ETEKWARE Storage Power.

ETEKWARE successfully developed the “Energy Saving, Low-carbon, Green” street light intelligent control system with lithium battery. It takes full advantage of natural light and wind resources for power generation, and provides power for street lights through the storage and conversion of the lithium battery pack, without consuming the traditional electric supply.

Procurement & Maintenance Advice

Test the open circuit voltage of the solar panel. The solar panel is not connected to any load in the sun, and do not connect to the controller. Pull out the wires of the solar panel directly and connect a multimeter to test its voltage. Under normal circumstances, the voltage of the solar panel will show higher than 12V. Only the voltage higher than 12V can it charge the battery. If it is lower than 12V, the battery cannot be charged. If the voltage of the solar panel is lower than 12V, the solar panel needs to be replaced.
In short, there are many reasons for the failure of solar powered led street lights. When the problem occurs, it must be investigated in time to understand the cause of the problem, so that the problem can be solved in a targeted manner. If you don’t know how to detect the problems, you can find a professional solar street light manufacturer, which can reduce the probability of secondary maintenance. In addition, we would like to remind everyone that when purchasing solar powered led street lights, you must buy branded high-quality products, so that the probability of failure of the lights will be relatively low. Even if there is a failure, the solar street lamp manufacturer can provide good after-sales service.

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