R&D Innovation

R&D Innovation for Lithium Battery Manufacturing

The company collects a group of the most well-known professional scientific and technological talents in the domestic lithium-ion battery technology field, mastering and possessing all the core technologies of lithium-ion battery pack design, development, and production.

As a reliable Chinese lithium battery manufacturer, the company now has the first-class production equipment of lithium battery packs, high-quality raw materials, custom lithium ion battery, various series of lithium-ion battery packs with high capacity, low internal resistance, good safety, long life, superior cost performance, etc., which have been unanimously recognized by the industry at home and abroad.


BMS R&D experience


Energy storage system
integration experience


Full time R&D peoples


Battery pack assembly


Intelligent manufacturing operation management experience
UL/TUV witness free Laboratory
TI authorized black chip
Major national/local/industry seience
and technology projects

Intelligent Manufacturing

The company is workshop informatization and unmanned. And the li ion battery company is monitoring, sampling, analysis and processing of various production data through the Internet of things system, real-time statistics, evaluation. And the company realizes management by using the big data platform. Therefore, the company can quickly provide customers with different types of lithium batteries. Advanced warehouse robot, automatic navigation car and other intelligent equipment, to achieve the production process of material transport, product flow, warehouse management automation and intelligence.

Stability and Safety

Design Safety

The specific chemical system and the unique structural system ensure that the cell under the extreme abuse can complete the effective heat release, without the danger due to overheating.

Product Safety

With the special design of the module, the whole pack can be used normally if the single cell loses the heat control;The 100% pass rate of the detonation verification for over 300 modules.

Production Safety

Advanced fully-automatic production line and international leading production management system ensure product consistency and completely eliminate potential safety hazards.

Guarantee Safety

The perfect after-sales service system guarantees the safety of products in 24 hours a day. We are always online to provide technical support and guarantee your product works perfectly.

Guarantee Safety

Through the design of the raw material system, ETEKWARE adopts a more stable composite-structure graphite to ensure high capacity and long cycle life of the battery.

6000+ Deep Cycles

Low Temperature - 20°C

60°C at High Temperature

The discharge rate can reach 85%

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