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ETEKWARE’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers guaranteed power protection for connected electronics. When power is interrupted, or fluctuates outside safety levels, a UPS will provide clean battery backup power and protection for plugged-in, sensitive equipment instantly. Voltage spikes can easily damage plugged-in hardware, even if they occur for just a few nanoseconds. A lithium-ion UPS for home is an effective solution for wireless networking equipment and anything else that gets plugged into a standard power outlet. The power capacity of the backup battery can buy enough time for our customers to spin up power generators or supply power long enough until AC power is restored. For specific categories, our company provides UPS backup lithium battery packs, unit series, and rack-type UPS backup lithium battery systems for our customers.
UPS Backup Pack
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
When the regular source of power fails, ETEKWARE’s lithium-ion UPS battery packs will provide instant and uninterrupted battery backup for the electrical devices. ETEKWARE offers a wide variety of lithium-ion UPS battery packs for the compatible UPS system. The maximum configurable power provided can be up to 2200VA. Thanks to lithium-ion batteries, our UPS Backup Lithium Battery Pack is more cost-effective, space-saving, and sustainable.
UPS Backup Unit Series
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
ETEKWARE is a leading global supplier of battery materials for both large and small energy storage companies. We devote ourselves to delivering provenly safe and efficient UPS units for building more reliable and efficient lithium-ion UPS systems. Various UPS backup lithium battery unit series are kindly offered with different input voltages, dimensions, etc., which is more likely to be more compatible with the UPS owned by our customers.
Rack Type UPS Backup System
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
ETEKWARE’S Rack Type UPS Lithium-ion Battery System provides premium battery backup and protection for our customers’ high-performance and critical devices when they are running into these common power issues: blackout, brownout, overvoltage, power surge, voltage sag, etc. Our Rack Type UPS lithium-ion Battery System has powerful input voltages, ranging from 380V, 400V to 415V, and excellent maximum configurable power, making itself quite marketable in the market.

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