Rack Type UPS Lithium Battery System

380V/400V/415V – 100kVA/200kVA/300kVA/500kVA

Rack Type UPS Lithium Battery System is a trustworthy battery bank when you are planning to build an off-grid solar power system that can supply power to a full-sized house, or when you need a comparatively small system to solve emergent issues like sudden blackouts in your living area. ETEKWARE kindly offers various rack UPS systems with great maximum configurable power, the greatest one being 450kW or 500kVA. Rack-type design is also quite space-saving.

Product Features

ETEKWARE is very willing to be a reliable assistant when you may come across some power issues. Rack Type UPS Lithium Battery System seems to be a good try. An abundance of attractive points is possessed by this excellent UPS system. It has impressive storage capacity, long-lasting lifespan, smart built-in BMS communication, and stress-free expandability among other things. In addition, it is equipped with a built-in LCD display screen, making it simple to assess any issues you are having with the battery and there is no need to purchase an extra monitor separately or connect a laptop.

UPS Lithium LiFePO4 Battery System

The battery in this UPS system contains LiFePO4 lithium cells, which are known for their reliability and long-lasting lifespan. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on how many batteries you wire together, so it can be connected in parallel to an unlimited number of batteries. This means you can build a power storage system as large as you would like with zero restrictions. And rack-mountable design makes it easy to expand your battery bank without having to take up too much space. The batteries are designed so carefully that they look like a rack, which makes you easily stack them on top of each other.

Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Backup UPS

For the warranty issue, too much worry might be unnecessary when ETEKWARE offers at least a five-year warranty for customers. For more technical parameters, you may check the table including all series under this rack type UPS below. All in all, ETEKWARE strongly believes Rack Type UPS Lithium Battery System is a quite capable rack-mounted UPS system that owns countless merits, and it could possibly be a practical and dependable power storage solution for any grid-tied or off-grid issue easily. Thus, please contact us freely if you have any interest in this uninterruptible power supply system by ETEKWARE.

Lithium LiFePO4 Battery UPS System Application

Technical Parameters

Model Input Voltage Load Power
Maximum Configurable
Maximum Configurable
Weight Dimensions
ET12 380V/400V/415V 0.9 12 kW 13.33 kVA 170 Kg 300*1000*2000
ET23 380V/400V/415V 0.9 23 kW 25.55 kVA 180 Kg 300*1000*2000
ET40 380V/400V/415V 0.9 40 kW 44.44 kVA 255 Kg 600*1000*2000
ET54 380V/400V/415V 0.9 54 kW 60 kVA 205 Kg 600*1020*2000
ET90 380V/400V/415V 0.9 90 kW 100 kVA 120 Kg 600*980*1150
ET180 380V/400V/415V 0.9 180 kW 200 kVA 170 Kg 650*960*1600
ET270 380V/400V/415V 0.9 270 kW 300 kVA 220 Kg 650*960*2000
ET450 380V/400V/415V 0.9 450 kW 500 kVA 450 Kg 1300*1100*2000

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