Prismatic Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Cells

3.2V – 100Ah/200Ah/230Ah/280Ah/304Ah/310Ah

These prismatic cells employed by ETEKWARE sometimes called prismatic battery cells, are a type of lithium-ion cell where the electrolyte and negative electrode materials are in liquid form. They have more surface area than traditional cylindrical style cells, which means they can produce more energy capacity for a greater range of electric vehicles like Tesla’s cars or provide more storage capacity for home energy storage Powerwall battery.

Product Features

Our prismatic lithium-ion battery cells have gained popularity because of their large capacity and prismatic shape that make it easy to connect 4 cells together and create a 12V battery pack. ETEKWARE prismatic lithium-ion battery cells offer an opportunity to drive down costs by diminishing the number of manufacturing steps. Their format makes it possible to manufacture larger cells, which reduces the number of electrical connections that need to be cleaned and welded. Additionally, they serve as the ideal format for lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistry, a mix of materials that are cheaper and more accessible. ETEKWARE kindly supplies different prismatic lithium-ion battery cells with a capacity ranging from 100Ah to 310Ah for you to choose from.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Cell Technology

Prismatic cells have a longer cycle life and are less dangerous compared with cylindrical cells. ETEKWARE’s prismatic cells are widely used in electric vehicles, including off-highway industrial trucks and different types of forklifts, communication-based stations, grid energy storage, medical fields, etc. In addition, these prismatic batteries are commonly employed in more stationary applications like backup power systems because their rigid case allows for more efficient stacking of cells and better air circulation. For the price aspect, this type of battery is more expensive to manufacture than a cylindrical cell, but it is more efficient and takes up less space.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Cells

ETEKWARE-your power solution supplier is willing to offer Powerful Prismatic Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery cells that have a box of shining points such as optimal utilization of pack and battery compartment space, highest Ah nominal capacity and kWh energy, higher overall battery energy density, lighter overall LIB weight compared to batteries with cylindrical cells and cells that are not subject to swelling. In terms of the technical parameters, you may check the bottom of this page on our official website ETEKWARE for your reference. Therefore, please consider our excellent prismatic cells for your electrical devices in order to better improve their performance.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Cell Series

Technical Parameters

Model Volt Capacity Energy
Weight Thickness Width Length
PC-100 3.2V 100Ah 167Wh/Kg 1.98±0.05Kg 49.9±0.5mm 160.0±0.5mm 118.5±0.5mm
PC-120 3.2V 120Ah 128Wh/Kg 3.05±0.1Kg 48±1.0mm 166±1.0mm 174±1.0mm
PC-200 3.2V 200Ah 157Wh/Kg 4.06±0.3kg 53.85±0.5mm 172.5±0.5mm 207±0.5mm
PC-230 3.2V 230Ah 179Wh/Kg 4.11±0.1kg 53.85±0.4mm 173.93±0.5mm 207.5±0.5mm
PC-280 3.2V 280Ah 166Wh/Kg 5.42±0.3kg 72.0±1.0mm 173.7±0.5mm 207.5±0.5mm
PC-304 3.2V 304Ah 178Wh/Kg 5.49±0.3kg 72.0±1.0mm 173.5±1.0mm 208.8±0.1mm
PC-310 3.2V 310Ah 179Wh/Kg 5.60±0.3kg 72.5±1.0mm 174±1.0mm 209.3±0.1mm

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