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ETEKWARE offers a large number of lithium-ion motive power batteries to deal with our customers’ needs for motive power applications such as forklifts, powered pallet jacks, stackers, aerial lifts, RVs, boats, and many others. With our extensive knowledge of the lithium-ion battery industry, ETEKWARE design and produce high-performance power batteries that consist of premium LiFePO4 cells and smart monitoring system. These motive power batteries provided by ETEKWARE are capable of helping our customers stay on the go and relish the pleasure of employing sufficient, constant, and reliable power. In addition, our company offers a long-term warranty for our customers, providing the necessary service when needed.
ETEKWARE Lithium Marine Battery
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Our LiFePO4 lithium deep cycle marine batteries are able to serve as excellent solutions for both driving engines & boating applications in that these batteries are lighter, more efficient, and can function up to 10 times longer than lead-acid batteries. Furthermore, our lithium marine batteries are equipped with an intelligent BMS, guaranteeing the safety of these batteries. In addition, ETEKWARE’s lithium-ion marine battery has high power output, low self-discharge rate and great storage capacity, and better waterproof function.
ETEKWARE Lithium RV battery
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
ETEKWARE’s 12V deep cycle lithium-ion RV batteries (LiFePO4) are one of the best solar energy batteries for RV/Camper. Our battery has around 6,000 life cycles and the lifespan can be extended to 10 years or more under proper protective conditions. Thus, our well-recognized outdoor battery is your ideal option for long-term RV living, boondocking, or when you are going off the grid.
lifepo4 golf cart battery thumbnail
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
ETEWKARE offers reliable and well-compatible 36V, 48V and 72V lithium-ion batteries for golf carts. Different from traditional lead-acid batteries, our lithium golf cart batteries select the superior LiFePO4 battery cells to offer better performance for our customers. Huge capacity, good cycle lifespan, low self-discharge rate, lightweight, and overcharge protection are the most charming perspectives of our motive power batteries. Also, it is entirely safe for our customers to use and install, which is a perfect choice for all golf lovers.
forklift lithium battery thumbnail
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
ETEKWARE is one of the top forklift battery manufacturers in China that can offer you the best lithium-ion powered forklift batteries at an affordable price. Some of the major features of our forklift batteries include lighter weight, longer life cycle, higher discharge rate capability, lower self-discharge rate, pollution-free, etc. Besides, they require less maintenance, have fewer safety risks, and are much more energy efficient.
Aerial Work Platform Battery
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Besides, we supply 24-volt and 48-volt LiFePO4 batteries that can make aerial work more efficient and eco-friendlier. We also provide OEM/ODM services to meet the needs and requirements of different aerial work platform models. Our marketable batteries are generally applied in China’s leading aerial work platforms, such as Klubb, Multitel Pagliero, Bronto Skylift, etc.
Telecom lifepo4 battery thumnail
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
ETEKWARE strictly adheres to international quality standards to provide customers with excellent lithium telecom batteries and the most cost-effective battery storage solutions available in the market today. Our telecom batteries offer both a high cycle life and high corrosion resistance making them an ideal energy storage solution for telecom equipment to remain fully operational without power disruption.
lifepo4 wheelchair battery thumbnail
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Our deep cycle wheelchair batteries are rechargeable and can be applied in a wide range of wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility applications. We offer both 12V and 24V electric wheelchair batteries and all batteries support deliver long-lasting, high-quality performance to keep your electric wheelchair running for more hours than comparable brands. For more information about replacing electric wheelchair batteries, you can send your inquiry email to the ETEKWARE team to request specific information.

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