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ETEKWARE’s whole home battery backup system is used extensively in providing power to your home appliances during power outages or for off-the-grid use. There’re 4 different models in our home power system series, including wall-mounted LiFePO4 battery (in-stock), wall-mounted LiFePO4 battery (authorized design), Powerwall solar battery (in-stock), and Powerwall solar battery (authorized design). Large storage capacity, long lifespan, and high efficiency are some of the key features that make our home backup batteries your perfect solutions to keep the lights on, protect your family, and secure your home office during blackouts.
ETEKWARE Wall Mounted Battery In-Stock
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
ETEKWARE wall-mounted LiFePO4 solar battery is a rechargeable whole-house battery backup combining a hybrid inverter and a smart battery management system into one case. Our lithium-ion battery wall offers the features of compact size, easy installation, and 6000 cycles with 90% DoD (depth of charge). You can use it to provide backup power to your home under a power outage or power surge.
Powerwall Energy Battery In-Stock
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
ETEKWARE Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion home energy storage product that is fully compatible with nearly all the solar panel systems on the market. It has more than 10kWh usable storage capacity and is built with a DC-coupled solar battery with an integrated inverter. Also, it has an advanced liquid thermal management system for preventing accelerated battery deterioration. It’s worth investing in one if you want to become energy independent or increase energy storage capability.
Stackable Home Battery Box
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Our Stackable Home Battery Box is the ideal energy storage solution for on-grid or off-grid solar installations. It comes with a built-in BMS battery management system that allows it to manage and monitor the cell’s voltage, current, temperature, and other information. Besides, multiple battery stacks are allowed to be connected in parallel to meet the requirements of longer power-supporting duration and higher power consumption.
Inverter Integrated Home Battery
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Our Inverter Integrated Home Battery is one of the most installed products in the market. It comes with an integrated inverter that can be AC-coupled with solar panel systems in your home. It can convert the usable AC energy from your home into storage DC energy, and back again. The key features of this battery storage system include easy installation, built-in cooling systems, weatherproof construction, and scalable architecture, etc.

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