Cylindrical Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Cells

3.6V – 2Ah/2.5Ah/3Ah/3.2Ah/4.5Ah/6Ah

ETEKWARE’s Cylindrical Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Cells are so powerful that a single light cell of it can generate from around 2Ah to 6Ah capacity power, well suitable in different situations. The weight of a lithium-ion battery is approximately half of a nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride battery of similar capacity. Moreover, the volume of a Li-ion battery is 40 to 50% smaller than that of a Ni-Cd and 20 to 30% smaller than Ni-MH.

Product Features

ETEKWARE’s cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells with a cylindrical shape are made in a characteristic “Swiss roll” manner (known as a “jelly roll” in the US), which means it is a single long ‘sandwich’ of the positive electrode, separator, negative electrode, and separator rolled into a single spool. Thanks to their small and round sizes, people find it quite convenient to stack them in a range of devices in all sizes. Besides, only top-grade genuine Li-ion high-performance rechargeable cells with the highest quality and dependability by all manufacturing standards are carefully selected and offered from global markets.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Cell Technology

ETEKWARE cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells are quite widely employed in a bundle of contexts, consumer electronics such as laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, e-cigarettes, and other portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, e-bikes, AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle), golf carts, forklifts, LED Work Light, flashlights, Emergency & Exit lights, solar street lights, military/aerospace equipment like igniters, gas masks, guidance systems, night vision, data radios, airborne radio system and target devices, medical devices like advanced medical cart, fingertip pulse oximeter, heart start monitor/defibrillators, and many others. If you have any difficulty in installing the battery cells, employees in ETEKWARE are always there for you.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Cells

What’s more, the cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells that ETEKWARE provides are all supported by professional factories with ISO 9001. And batteries have already got numerous certifications, like UL, UN 38.3, IEC62133, and MSDS, guaranteeing top quality and safety. More specific technical parameters about this lithium-ion rechargeable battery cell are shown as follows. Therefore, if you are interested in our light but powerful and widely used battery cells, please contact us without any hesitation. Bulk or wholesale battery cells are available. ETEKWARE is hoping to solve your battery cells issues as soon as possible together.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Cell Series

Technical Parameters

Model Volt Capacity Energy
Weight Height Diameter
CC-20 3.6V 2Ah 160Wh/Kg 45.0g Max 65.00±0.15mm 18.35±0.10mm
CC-25 3.6V 2.5Ah 187Wh/Kg 47.0g Max 65.00±0.15mm 18.35±0.10mm
CC-28 3.6V 2.85Ah 218Wh/Kg 47.0g Max 65.00±0.15mm 18.35±0.10mm
CC-30 3.6V 3Ah 222Wh/Kg 47.0g Max 65.00±0.15mm 18.35±0.10mm
CC-32 3.6V 3.2Ah 240Wh/Kg 48.0g Max 65.00±0.15mm 18.35±0.10mm
CC-34 3.6V 3.35Ah 251Wh/Kg 48.0g Max 65.00±0.15mm 18.35±0.10mm
CC-45 3.6V 4.5Ah 213Wh/Kg 75.0g Max 70.9±0.2mm 21.7±0.2mm
CC-60 3.6V 6Ah 296Wh/Kg 76.0g Max 70.9±0.2mm 26.3±0.2mm

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