48V Rack Type LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System(BESS)

48V – 10Kwh/15Kwh/20Kwh/25Kwh

Our ETEKWARE’s 48V Rack Type LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System (ESS) is a powerful and scalable Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy Storage System, which can be applied in a wide array of energy storage situations, such as heavy traction, stationary, industry, UPS, telecommunications, weak and off-grid, self-consumption systems, smart-grid, etc. Our powerful and efficient battery rack system has countless merits such as a longer life cycle, excellent quality, higher safety, intelligent BMS technology, and so on.

Product Features

Product 48V Rack Type LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System (ESS) does show a lot of appealing facets through its product features. Thanks to the well-accepted and marketable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, it has an abundance of attractive points such as longer cycle life, lighter weight, higher power, and superior safety, suitable for a wide range of occasions. Also, this battery rack is equipped with a smart BMS with overcharging/discharging protection, supportive multiple communication protocols, and 24 hours long power storage. In addition, our product has 10Kwh/15Kwh/20Kwh for you to choose in terms of the power conversion system. More specific information about our helpful 48V Rack Type LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System(ESS) is below.

Battery Energy Storage System Application

Because of the rack type or rack design of our 48V Rack Type LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System (ESS), it can help our customers to save more space and increase the energy density of the energy storage system to a great extent. Its standard inches make this system more fully compatible with some professional applications such as backup telecom batteries, UPS systems, sub-station, and some industrial systems. Additionally, modular design facilitates easy integration, simple operation, and maintenance, improving the overall performance of battery storage and usage. What’s more, ETEKWARE can offer customized battery rack systems as our customers require.

Battery Energy Storage System Projects

Besides, our product has acquired numerous professional product certifications based on international and industrial standards, such as BIS, IEC, ISO9001 certifications. As for the technical parameters, you may check the bottom of this page on our official website ETEKWARE for your reference. Supported by the various shining points and utilitarian functions owned by our 48V Rack Type LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System (ESS) mentioned above, our product may be the battery rack that you are seeking right now. Above all, we are sincerely looking forward to your early request for our product in the near future.

Battery Energy Storage System Technology

Technical Parameters

Model Volt Capacity Energy
Weight Thickness Width Length
ES-200 48V 200AH 10KWh 107Kg 180mm 485mm 680mm
ES-300 48V 300AH 15KWh 198Kg 582mm 564mm 1104mm
ES-400 48V 400AH 20KWh 230Kg 582mm 564mm 1354mm
ES-500 48V 500AH 25KWh 243Kg Customized Customized Customized

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