Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Storage Power Station is a type of energy storage power station that uses a group of batteries to store electrical energy. Battery storage is the fastest responding dispatchable source of power on grids, and it is used to stabilise grids, as battery storage can transition from standby to full power within milliseconds to deal with grid failures.

At full rated power, battery storage power stations are generally designed to output for up to a few hours. Battery storage can be used for short-term peak power and ancillary services, such as providing operating reserve and frequency control to minimize the chance of power outages.

China Southern Power Grid(CSG) Project​

We participated in the frequency regulation project of China Southern Power Grid in 2020, responsible for solution optimization and the production of energy storage batteries. Our team of engineers works closely with the construction company, and deeply participates in several important links from planning, manufacturing, commissioning, and engineering acceptance. Our professional services have been unanimously recognized and praised by CSG.
Grid Frequency Modulation
CSG Project

Battery storage power plants and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are comparable in technology and function. However, battery storage power plants are larger.

For safety and security, the actual batteries are housed in their own structures, like warehouses or containers. As with a UPS, one concern is that electrochemical energy is stored or emitted in the form of direct current (DC), while electric power networks are usually operated with alternating current (AC). For this reason, additional inverters are needed to connect the battery storage power plants to the high voltage network. This kind of power electronics include GTO thyristors, commonly used in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission.

China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation Project

In 2021, we will be invited to participate in the construction of CRRC 1MW-2MWH container energy storage system. During this period, we were responsible for the proposal design, engineering acceptance and energy storage system manufacturing of the system scheme. We have a team of 11 engineers involved and have accumulated rich project experience to ensure that the quality of the project is guaranteed and the delivery is completed as planned.

Battery storage systems may be active on spot markets while providing systems services such as frequency stabilization. Arbitrage is an attractive way to benefit from the operating characteristics of battery storages.Storage plants can also be used in combination with an intermittent renewable energy source in stand-alone power systems.

1KW Container Energy Storage System
CRRC Project 2

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